​I Will Continue To Visit Schools Until…, Peter Obi.

The former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has vowed to continue visiting schools, particularly secondary schools, until Nigeria start giving adequate budgetary attention to Education.

Mr. Obi, who was speaking at Enugu Ezike in Enugu State while on his customary visit to Aji High School, decried that in this modern day when the world is moving from baggage to knowledge economy that our dear country is not doing much to queue along developing nations of the world.

Using China as an example of a country, who though has no oil, more populated than the whole of Africa, but has vastly left Nigeria behind in all spheres of economic rating, Mr. Obi bemoaned the situation where Nigeria as a country and her regional governments have failed to give adequate attention to education.

‘’What does China export to the world? Knowledge, which is molded in technology and manufacturing.

In our country we’re still after sharing oil money. Even when indications are glaring that this oil will be worthless in about 30 years’ time, our dear country is not doing anything to build an economy that will conveniently do without this present main source of revenue.

‘’Today, Nigeria($420 billion) and South Africa($280 billion), the two biggest economies in Africa have a combined GDP of $700 billion.  But despite all our Oil and South Africa’s Gold, Apple as a company is worth more than both countries combined at over $800 billion. What does Apple sell to the world? Knowledge!’’ Obi continued.

The former governor then emphasized to the very attentive students why they must take their education quite seriously, listen attentively to their teachers in order to join the world order. But in trying to get responses from the students, two of the students, the Senior Prefect and his deputy, complained that they didn’t have laboratories neither computers to be part of this new order.

Obi then turned to the Principal to inquire if indeed there was no science laboratory in the school as well as computer rooms. To which the head of the school with over 700 students’ population merely waved his hands in despair while confirming their pathetic situation.

‘’No!,’’ Obi decried. ‘’That shouldn’t be the situation. Today, this heavy attention to education is centred on STEM…which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. How can you queue in without laboratory and computer studies?’’ He momentarily bowed, shaking his head in despair.

He looked at the truly dilapidated blocks in the school, shook head further, ‘’you shouldn’t really be studying in these buildings. And I will do my best to make sure it doesn’t continue like this. Your governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is my friend. He is a good man and doing quite well in governance. But he can’t be everywhere at same time. It took me some time while I was governor before I could visit all the 257 secondary schools in my state, renovated them all and built new blocks where appropriate, fixed and equipped all their laboratories, provided them with adequate computers and internet facilities, provided them with brand new buses and most importantly handed them over to missions.

‘’And let me promise you further that I will definitely visit you again and soon,’’ he concluded before dashing out to be at Geoffrey Okoye University in Enugu to deliver a speech as Keynote Speaker at the 7th Annual Youth Peace Conference.

But before he left he made a further donation of one million naira making two million he has donated to the school as his personal contribution towards improving standards in the school.

(Report culled from Chinedu Saint Bede Onwuka facebook post)

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