OHO: On Health!

​Oseloka Henry Obaze speaks on the Health sector of Anambra State.  Such a rare breed…

“I was at the commissioning of the St. Felix Catholic Specialist Hospital Nnewi yesterday and was touched by the various degrees of health challenges people face and had to offset some hospital bills.  In my sixty-two years of life, I’ve been blessed with good health and have never been admitted or spent a single day in any hospital, anywhere in the world. We must upgrade our healthcare delivery system.

Nobody prays for sickness, nobody prays for accident, what we should be praying for is that in times of emergency when one is injured, is that we have good hospitals, good doctors, quality drugs, drinkable water and electricity”, he began.

The first thing we will do in emergency response is that when we receive a patient, we commence treatment immediately, life comes first before anything else.

For my government, we will introduce what is called Charity Care for the indigent. The government,  community, traders and independent groups can contribute funds to the Charity Care.  If any patient comes in here and is unable to pay, the hospital manager can discount the bill and send the remainder to the Charity Care administrator to offset the bill from that public pool. The Charity Care can cover the whole health bill or a percentage of it depending on the evaluation of the patient by the hospital manager.

Our government will ensure every hospital whether private or mission-owned must have a charity care administrator and this will also help create jobs for unemployed Ndi Anambra.

If we are able to save lives from our charity care programme, beneficiaries will begin to contribute funds to the programme knowing that in their time of need, the charity care came to their rescue”.

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