“Between Obiano and the owner of Peace Airline” – By Valentine Obienyem

Barr. Allen Onyema, by founding the Peace Airline, has done great good to Nigeria. 

He brought to bear the business acumen of Mbosi people and something of the shrewdness of the Jews, our forebear, to bear in the management of the airline. This is a topic for another day.

This morning, as I was boarding Peace Airline in Lagos, I noticed he has fleet of new Innoson Vehicles that convey travellers to the terminals, or whatever.

He made me to remember the astuteness of Dr. Innocent Chukwuma in establishing the company during the governorship of Mr. Peter Obi. Obi offered him all needed assistances and went on to become his highest buyer/marketer. Yes, Obi took him to the then President Jonathan that landed him some federal orders. This is how it should be.

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On coming to office, Gov. Willie Obiano preferred Indian Tata. Must a Governor behave that way because Innoson’ s people refused the idea of allowing them invoice for N7,000,000 million vehicles they bought N4,000,000.

They were infuriated more when they were told by Innoson people that Obi got good discount for the state and allowed the state save money. These were part of the prudence Obi embarked on that enabled him save billions for the state which Obiano has squandered.

I understand in Peace Airline’s strategic expansion plan, that only Innoson was approved for transportation of travelers and related operations. Is this not a lesson to Obiano and all of us?

For campaign purposes, Obiano lately bought some innoson’s vehicles. Clearly, it remains campaign gimmicks. I am sure his people will sample the pics as a testimony that we now have a new, improved Obiano. Who is deceived?

[9:19 PM, 10/11/2017] +234 803 075 8396:

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