“​It’s Not About Peter Obi , Says Okwute” By Tai Emeka Obasi

Yesterday, October 21, 2017, Mr. Peter Obi was at two functions, speaking to youths of Anambra State, one in Awka, another in Onitsha. His characteristic speeches have become therapies to conscientious Nigerians, particularly youths, who see in the former governor a man of focused intentions that genuinely cares for their well-being.

In Awka, one lady asked a question thus, ‘’Your Excellency, you have been our governor for eight years. We trusted you then because you never lied to us or left any promise unfulfilled. Today, we hear all things about you like demanding N7 billion and leaving a debt of N127 billion. Between you and any other politician we know whom to believe. Sir, we will always believe you because you proved your integrity beyond every reasonable doubt during your eight years as governor…’’

At this point the young woman was punctuated with spontaneous applause. When she got the floor again she continued, ‘’you gave us Governor Obiano. And now he is a bundle of disappointment and insulting you all over the place. And you’re telling us to vote for Oseloka Obaze now. If we vote him in, what assurance do we have that he, Obaze won’t turn out like Gov Obiano? That he won’t start insulting you again because we’re not happy anybody is insulting a man like you, who gave us hope,’’ she concluded while another huge applause followed.

At Onitsha, a young man asked a question that was almost a repeat.

In both cases, Obi gave one answer – ‘’It’s not about Peter Obi. If Oseloka Obaze ends up not talking to Peter Obi from the day he is elected till he finishes his term, I’m won’t be bothered. I just move on with my life. What will worry me is if he ends up not doing the work he was voted in to do. If he goes about partying, lining out over 30 vehicles as convoy train, wasting resources that should be prudently utilized, ignoring Education as the basic thrust of development,abandoning roads and other inftrastructural development,  lying to the people instead of embracing a transparent and accountable government, etc. That is when I will have issues with Obaze as governor. 

‘’But be assured Obaze is not that kind of person. He was part of my government and played a very significant role. He has been tested and I assure you he can be trusted. The problem with Gov Obiano is that he was never part of government before he came in. And he only came in because we had a problem. Three people were in the race, including Obaze and we were prepared to give support to any of the three aspirants from Anambra North to become governor. But the court verdict turned everything upside down. The other party rejected all three and we eventually settled for Willie Obiano.

‘’Yes, I knew him but knowing an ordinary person is one thing, knowing him when he has tasted money and power quite another. Gov Obiano’s attitude to Peter Obi is not the reason why I’m campaigning to remove him. I’m only fulfilling a promise made to ndi Anambra while I was campaigning for Willie Obiano four years ago. I told you people that Willie Obiano would perform….and that I would lead the campaign to remove him in four years if he didn’t perform. Now I ask you, has Gov Obiano performed?’’

Even though this question was asked in different locations, the answer was same – a big Nooooooooooooooo!

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