​THE AUTHORITY IN ANAMBRA By Humphrey Kanayo Akaolisa

Once again, the voice of reason beckons. May we always reflect on the possible outcome of our decisions and actions before taking them.


A story was once told about a television reporter who dresses up in a security guard’s uniform and sets up in front of a Las Vegas bank. He places a sign on the bank’s ATM embellished with a big gold badge and the following message:

Bank customers start showing up. Each time, the fake guard smiles and asks if the customer wants to make a deposit or withdrawal. This whole scenario is ridiculous, right? No bank would conduct business this way. And yet, customer after customer handed over their cash, checks, Social Security numbers, credit cards, account numbers, PIN codes … you name it. Out of 10 people, only one hesitated, but even he complied seconds later.

When the reporter revealed the deception and asked the flabbergasted victims why they handed him money and private information, they all gave pretty much the same answer:


In other words, they complied because the man standing in front of the ATM was perceived as authoritative and therefore, trustworthy. Why?

Neuroscience reveals the somewhat frightening answer. Brain scans show that the decision-making parts of our brains often shut down when we encounter authoritative advice or direction.

That’s part of what makes authority so powerful. And why authority carries great responsibility.

This is a bank in Las Vegas; perhaps it can’t happen in Nigeria. Hay! But wait a minute.

It was the authority which Peter Obi commanded that made our people vote Governor Willie Obiano into office in 2013, not because of APGA or Ojukwu or because of the slogan “Nke a bu nke anyi”. This is very clear; get it into your head if you don’t have it. Obiano was little known in the State as very much as a nonentity; a novice in the political scenario of the state, but with Peter Obi standing in his authoritative regalia and pointing in his direction like the security guard.

Ojukwu may have functioned as the authority that pointed out APGA to the people in the first place and hence Obi, but Obi’s sole authority which he created for himself during his eight years in power was indubitably what had made Obiano.

The big question today is, ‘is Peter Obi still the same authority which he commanded four years ago in Anambra, has anything changed?’ Well, the answer is left to you. Any answer you render might still remain an open question. To me, the only thing I think had changed about Peter Obi is the partial defamation he received from making that mistake of pointing in the wrong direction once; an authority carries great responsibility and so cannot afford to be wrong for once. Apart from that error which today he acknowledges and had humbly apologized, his quiddity is still intact, even stronger. You may agree with me, equally, you may not. I don’t think any other thing has happened to allude to the loss of the quiddity he labored to achieve.

It should not be played down that every community equally has one or few authorities whom they traditionally follow. There are many other authorities in Anambra today who always strive and compete in one way or the other trying to control the minds of our people in their favour; always confusing the masses. I insist that the fundamental base of politics anywhere in the world is self-interest. I have not seen Nigerian politicians aligned in any political party because of party ideologies, principles or party manifestoes. That is why the politicians are always on the move from one party to the other depending on where their personal or self-interests are protected or covered. Today it is PDP; tomorrow it is APGA, APC or back to PDP. And surprisingly, they want the masses to follow them always, and surprisingly too, they do. When will our people have their own minds and learn not to be moved by who or who?

If the incumbent governor is not doing well by your judgment, pick up your voters card, go to the pool on the 18th and vote him out. The card is the only power in your hand. Vote in the candidate of your choice regardless of who had shared money or rice.  Good governance is second prize to none. Do not hesitate to take the rice and money they give to you, it is part of your money they have stolen, collect it without hesitation or any moral repercussion, but do not forget to vote for GOOD GOVERNANCE. This is your future and about your destiny. If you think the authority luring you is saying the truth, please follow him. It doesn’t matter if the Governor comes from the North, South or Central. It doesn’t matter if the North or South rule for a decade or more, what is important is GOOD LEADERSHIP. Do not listen to the selfish politicians who want power turned over to them soon enough. Vote GOOD GOVERNANCE all the time as it appeal to your intellect.

Today, Peter Obi is trying to make amends so has changed the pointer in a different direction. His message today seemed very much like the message of the reporter by the ATM


Like the many customers who handed over their cash, checks, Social Security numbers, credit cards, account numbers, PIN codes etc., many people will still move in the new direction Peter Obi is pointing out today, no doubts about that. Let’s hope that the SECURITY GUARD at the ATM does not turn to be the REPORTER who afterwards would reveal the deception and ask the flabbergasted victims why they handed him money and private information. Peter Obi is still an enormous authority in Anambra, take it or leave it. The people will still behave like the customers who showed up at the Bank ATM. I guess that this is what the oppositions had sensed which made them concentrate on witling down his personality with all kinds of calumnies, lies and persecutions. In the same vein there are many other heavy weights with their own authority but it seemed to me that some of these authorities are even more confused than the masses.

The sooner the politicians realize that no amount of calumnies, lies, slanders, defamations, slurs, denigration or misrepresentations of Peter Obi, not even those orchestrated by his brothers could undo his reputation or change the tidings. No purpose will be served by engaging in speculations and vilification of the peoples’ icon, because of politics or political interests. This is the bane of Igbo politics in Nigeria today and why Igbo people had fallen from leadership roles in Nigeria.

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