The Future Of Anambra State Under This Present Administration

The Administration of His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano has thrown up so much controversy. Most notable was his fall out with the immediate past Governor of the state, Chief Sir Peter Obi (Okwute Ndigbo), who prefers to be addressed as Mr. Peter Obi. This controversy has led to Mr. Peter Obi campaigning vigorously against Obiano, stating clearly that his administration has not delivered.

On the other hand, the Governor and his party, APGA, claim that the administration has achieved so much ranging from security to the least detail of the critical aspects of governance; an achievement, which they claim eclipsed the achievements of the past administrations put together.

One single fact that should not be ignored here is that whatever achievement this administration or subsequent administrations make, it is as a result of the solid structures built by the past administration. It laid a solid foundation for good governance and sustainable growth and development. Whether the trend of development was sustained by this administration has turned out to be the source of controversy challenging both the government, opposition parties and the electorate.

One of such controversy is on the sale of Anambra Dollar saving. I was reading an article published in The Nation newspaper titled, “Revealed: How Obiano government sold Anambra Dollar Saving”. For ease of reference, the article was republished here. However, you can read the full article following the link:

While reading the article, a lot was coming to my mind, especially when I recall all the campaign slogans and the empty promises that follow political campaigns in this part of the world. It is so pitiable that at this “age of reasoning” where “ideas rule the world”, an age that has surpassed the computer age, someone is taking us back to the medieval era and take us for a ride.

It was even so painful when one hears the details of the plans and the motives for this foreign investments/savings. So when you hear Mr. Peter Obi shouting at the top of his voice that the Governor has killed Anambra State, you understand that it is a cry of someone who is looking at his visions being crushed by someone he trusted to continue from where he stopped.

From the little information at my disposal, let me give you a little insider’s perspective to this plan and savings.

The former Governor, Mr. Peter Obi tried to develop Anambra state massively through ANIDS (Anambra Integrated Development Strategy) and to achieve this purpose he had to key into the UN (United Nations) MDG (Millennium Development Goals) which would end in 2015. After that, the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) would commence. In addition to that, together with his team, he visited, studied and analyzed the growth of China, which was still poorer than Nigeria at the turn of the millennium. Now you cannot compare both countries for anything at all. China, at that time was fully into MDG. The team further discovered that what was propelling China’s growth was the growth of small and medium enterprises. It was possible because the regional governments invested massively into these enterprises through various means ranging from partnership, funding and so on. Based on this, China was able to outgrow any statistical development indices. We all know where they are presently. This is what Obi wanted to replicate in Anambra State.

To achieve that, he knew that the government would have to save no matter how difficult it is. He started by cutting down the cost of governance and rechanneling the fund into viable ventures and savings. Now the plan was this: if he would be able to save a particular amount in dollars between now till the end of SDG in 2030, Anambra would be having a minimum of $1billion (excluding accruals).

In addition to that, he negotiated a World Bank interest free loan of $400million to mature in 30/40 years. This loan was intended to be invested strictly into science and technology education. By the end of the tenure, Anambra already would have the fund to repay the loan as 50% of the saved fund would pay off the World Bank loan, while the rest would go into partnering with local entrepreneurs. The idea was that at least 80% of the SMEs would flourish. If this happens, then Anambra would have no business depending on the Federal Government for Federal Allocation.

Remember that this would be in conjunction with developing other sectors of the economy.

Now with this view, how would you, as a person feel when you hear that the present administration has squandered these treasury, worst still on frivolities and vainglory? Are we not going back to where we left about 12 years ago? Instead of building on what we already have, we are squandering them, by increasing the cost of governance, enthroning frivolities and making propaganda the be and all of governance.

If we are to go by this, another 4 years would certainly be a disaster!!!

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