Anambra Elections: A Word is Enough for The Wise!

We are down to the Anambra State Governorship Elections. The electioneering process is far spent, campaigns have officially ended for all political parties. The voting process is for tomorrow November 18, 2017. This is a date that would certainly go down well in the history of the state. In years to come, we would all look back to this date and said, “we made the right choice” or we said, “what a mistake it was”.

Though Nigerians hardly learn their lessons from past mistakes, certainly the last general elections in 2015 remains a bitter lesson to all of us in the history of this country and should serve a good lesson as well as a valid reference point for Ndi Anambra, Ndi Igbo, and Nigerians at large.

Like I earlier said, I call this Anambra elections “Demonstration 2019”, where we are facing a big battle for the soul of the leadership of this Nation between the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Of course, without, in any way, writing off the power of incumbency being wielded by the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). Whichever way it goes, November 18 is the answer. It is a day we will all make choice on the future of the state and our children.

Enough has been said, claimed and countered by various political parties, their respective candidates and numerous stakeholders. In all these, we both learnt our lessons and known our stand as a people. During the campaigns, there were lots of inducements by various political parties and all these were simply to convince the electorate. Various political parties presented their manifestos while others were busy criticizing some other parties, their candidates and some stakeholders.

But in all these, there are distinct observations that still make Anambra State stand out as one of the best states in the country; we still play decent politics. No matter the level of inducement, accusations, and counter-accusations, our people maintained their normalcy. It even got to a point where one would say that the polity has been heated up but there were still normalcy. There were no deaths recorded as direct effect of politicking like was witnessed before and also witness in some other states. Violence was barely recorded. One step is gone and we thank God Almighty as well as we commend ourselves.

The next step is here with us, and the most important as a matter of fact; the decision-making. It is time to take the ultimate decision on who to vote for.

Tomorrow, being Saturday, November 18, 2017, Anambrarians would go out to vote. It is no longer a time to tell people: vote PDP, vote UPP, vote APGA, vote PPA or vote APC. No! That stage has gone, it is time to go out to your registered polling centre and cast your vote for any party of our choice. The choice is ours to make and we must make it because we have actually come that point.

But before making the choice, there are a lot of issues to consider and a lot of questions to ask ourselves. Some of these questions would ignite in us the right direction and point us towards, what I call, “the moment of final realization”, when nothing matters other than reality as it is obvious to us.

We need to ask ourselves: how has the government affected my life in the past few years? Have they done something I can be proud of? Has the standard of governance which we enjoyed sometime in the past be maintained, improved on, or abandoned? What does the future hold for us, our children, and the future generation? What do I see in these candidate that makes me believe he or she would deliver? Is this the best option for me; in what respect?

Opportunities were given every candidate to market him/herself and they did justice to that. The various debates that were organized by different bodies were also eye opener. None of the candidates left us in doubt as to his/her ability or inability to pilot the affairs of the state for the next four years come March 17, 2017. Based on their expositions, we should know where our votes go. As for me, my stand is already clear because in everything I do, I look beyond the present, God help me.

A friend asked me why I see things the way I see them, most times quite different from people around me and very distinct from the opinions of those under the service of the government like myself. I laughed and gave him my answers.

I said, “It is very simple; a very easy decision to make. I was shown the way, the right way and I choose to follow it. Whether I gain anything from it now or not, I follow it because it is the right way and I must get to my destination”.

I added, “you see where I am today? Am still starting. If by your judgement, I have achieved anything, it is the fruits of the trees planted by my parents many years ago. It is the direct result of the sacrifices they made years ago and consequences of their choice. So tell me why I must not start planting these trees for my children and the future generation. Tell me why I must not work to give them the leverage to succeed tomorrow both as individuals and in the society? Why shouldn’t I make sacrifices so as to make them better tomorrow, knowing the difficulties I passed through and what would be facing them.”

This is what should be uppermost in our minds at this period. If you have reached the voting age, whatever decision you make today should be for posterity, no longer for your own benefit. You have been given the opportunity, make it your responsibility to give another person equal or better opportunity; nothing less.

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If my reason for voting for a particular candidate is because he has promised to pay my salaries, what has he promised for the future generation or at least for the sustainability of any meaningful projects that would give equal or better opportunity to my children and the future generation? This is the part of the right decisions which our Nation, politicians and stakeholders of the project Nigeria failed to take in the past and that is simply the reason we still have our grand fathers ruling us.

They were selfish!

So we should ask ourselves these fundamental questions. Somebody who comes out in public and question the rationale behind saving for the future generation, does such a person deserve my vote? Someone who could not give an account of his/her personal life, does such a person deserve my vote? Someone who was not able to account for little responsibility given him, does such a person deserve my vote?

The “die is cast” and Caesar “crossed the Rubicon”. Tomorrow is the day our own Caesar must cross the Rubicon!

Vote wisely, not just for your personal benefit, but for the sake of your Children and the future generation! A word, they say, is enough for the wise!

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