“My Vision drives me crazy”! By Val Ulasi

While I was trying to come to terms with some things I wished were mere fantasies in IMO State, Gov Rochas Okorocha dropped another bombshell and I quote “My Vision drives me crazy”!

At this point, it dawned on me that all these statues and Appointment are his visions for Ndi Imo who collected money at the polling booths to return him hence they should continue enjoying his dividends of democracy.

Meanwhile, Ndi Anambra are already getting their own share of the bargain when; 24 hours after Gov Obiano was returned elected, all the election Caterpillars hitherto deplored in every community to confuse the people into voting for APGA started finding their way out of the communities…

Keke Operators in Anambra became the first casualty which saw their daily tax increased to #400 from #250.

While the Civil Servants in Anambra now resort to prayers after they were deceived with the charade; “24th Alert governor” because as I type, some have gotten their alert while many are still waiting for theirs. 

I think people should continue managing the monies APGA gave to them at the polling booths and stop disturbing God with their prayers.

We deserve the kind of leaders we get!

Ya Kpo-tu-ba

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